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Our worship life embraces a multitude of practices in faith. We are influenced by the worship styles of our members, making our worship ecumenical (across denominational liturgy). We also incorporate art, media, music, readings, and contemporary reflections of the larger religious and secular cultures and worlds. Ours is a task of worship in which you may recognize what is familiar and be exposed to God's creative diversity.

Image by Viktor Forgacs



Every Sunday from 11am to 12:30pm
Join via Zoom at

Watch online at

Children's sermon is a part of our regular worship. Children of all ages are welcome. A nursery is available for play among littles when they need to MOVE!

Additional Services

Pastor Mel - Rev. Mel Martinez, M.Div. - offers a variety of additional services for which
a qualified member of clergy may be needed or desired. 

Life Milestones

​Services written and officiated to your desires and belief system/faith.

  • Wedding/Holy Matrimony

  • Holy Unions

  • Blessing of Life Partners

  • Baptism

  • Quinceñeara (English & Spanish)

  • House Blessing

  • Pet Blessing

Pastoral Counsel

Short-term pastoral counsel is available for the following:

  • Couples Counseling

  • Conflict Resolution/ Mediation

  • Advance Directive

  • Form & Contract Review

  • Healthcare Advocacy

Crisis Care & End of Life

When in crisis, reach out for comfort care assistance.

  • Prayers for the Dying

  • Family Grief & Conflict

  • Comfort Care Hospital Visit

  • Comfort Care Hospice Visit

  • Comfort Care Home Visit

  • Funeral & Memorial Planning


Members of WFMCC take an active part in the worship life, ministry, social action, administering, and socializing of our community. We are congregationally led and all members have a voice. Visitors are of utmost importance as each person brings a new revelation of Christ among us. In this way, whether member or visitor, we are always "us" - without need or fear of a "them."

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