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REPOST: Practice Resurrection - Diana Butler Bass Sunday Musings

Many people think Easter is a day — and that day is now passed, the family gatherings over, the candy eaten.

By ancient Christian tradition, however, Easter is a season — fifty days to celebrate resurrection, new life, joy, and hope. Easter is Christianity’s greatest feast following Lent’s great fast. The fifty days of Easter include seven Sundays, the final Sunday of Easter (this year) being May 21.

In many ways, Easter is particularly counter-cultural these days. Gloominess, fear, anxiety, attack, distrust, and stress are the emotional coin of the realm. Where I live outside of Washington, D.C., it is almost as if you aren’t allowed to be joyful: Don’t you know about gun violence? What about the attack on voting rights? Did you hear what just happened in Florida (fill in the state-of-the-week-outrage)? How can you make jokes when the worst climate report ever was just released? OMG, did you read that story in the Post?

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